Quality Assurance (GLP)

Our quality assurance (QA) unit supports you with all QA procedures within preclinical development, whether in-house or outsourced.

In-house, we can:

  • develop a general QA program for preclinical research 
  • implement a GLP-compliant archive
  • develop a GLP compliance program
  • conduct GLP training
  • establish or restructure SOP systems


If outsourced, we'll manage your:

  • CRO audits
  • audit reports
  • data verification and data control


We can handle these QA (GLP) tasks:

  • facility audits
  • study-specific audits
  • process-based audits
  • system audits
  • supervision of qualification and validation of devices

We'll also prepare your audit reports, qualification plans, validation plans and reports and QA statements.